Hiel Pool Service contractors explain in-floor pool cleaner

Everyone loves a swimming pool, right? Well of course they do… until it comes time to clean and maintain it. When pool cleaning time comes the family scatters and you’re left to do the work yourself! That is one of the many reasons that swimming pool owners in Rancho Bernardo, California work with the swimming pool service contractors from Hiel Pools to keep the water free from bacteria and the pool always ready for use. Regular and ongoing maintenance is crucial to keeping the water clean and algae at bay. swimming pool cleaning

Today’s swimming pool technologies provide myriad types of pool cleaning options from pressure cleaners, suction cleaners, robotic cleaners and in-floor pool cleaning systems. Talk with your pool service professional if you believe that an in-floor pool cleaning system is something you will want to consider. This technology helps keep the water clean, but it will still need to have chemicals added and the walls and floor will still need to be brushed.

An in-floor pool cleaning system is one of the most expensive styles, but is the most efficient and lets you “perform” maintenance in a hands off way.  An  in-floor cleaning system utilizes multiple jets that, when you turn on the system, stir up the water using high pressure streams that pus the dirt and debris along the walls and floor toward a main drain that is then moved through the pool filtration system.

These systems are custom designed for your pools’ unique shape and could add thousands of dollars to the initial price of your pool installation. The pay off  is that the price you pay for upfront installation can save you time and hours of cleaning between pool contractor service visits.  An in-floor system means  you won’t have to invest in a separate vacuum and you won’t have to spend the daily time to clean it.

Talk to your pool contractor and see if this might be a viable option for you to consider for your swimming pool.