Swimming pool filters are the heart of the swimming pool because they are what helps keep dirt and debirs from staying in the pool and helps filter out bacteria. How to maintain your pool filter to get as much use out of it as possible is something the swimming pool contractors from Hiel Pool Service get asked quite regularly by their customers. A properly maintained and serviced pool filter should last for decades.

How to maintain your pool filter

When we pay a service visit we inspect and assure that your pool’s filter is operating at its peak and that it is going to live and operate as long as possible. Here are some of the things we will do.

  • Clean the elements. If the filter gauge pressure reaches 8-10 pounds of operating pressure, it is an indication that the filter needs to be cleaned. The frequency of cleanings will hinge on the amount of use your pool sees. Using a pool cover will help keep debris from the pool and extend the life of the filter.
  • We will regularly clean the filter and remove dirt and debris.
  • Proper water chemistry keeps the filter operational
  • Ask us whether you should use a skimmer sock or filter saver as a way to extend the life of your filter. These devices trap even tinier bits of debris.

If you have any concerns about your swimming pool filter, give us a call and we can pay a service visit and give you a “baseline” health report on if it’s operating the way it should, our recommendations for any repairs or upkeep that is needed and we can answer any questions you have about swimming pool maintenance and service.