If you’re like most people, you use your hot tub or spa more often once summer is over and the days and nights are cooler. If you wonder how to save money running your hot tub, the service professionals in Rancho Bernardo, California offer these tips to help you enjoy the hot tub without breaking the family bank!

Whether you have a stand alone hot tub, a swim up spa or any kind in between, each has its unique cleaning concerns separate from the concerns associated with your swimming pool.

How to save money running your hot tub

The swimming pool service contractors at Hiel Pool Services workwith hot tub and spa owners to keep their hot tub water clean, clear and bacteria free. Because hot tubs have a smaller body of water they tend to have a higher concentration of human body to water ratio, keeping the chemicals in balance can be tricky.

Here are tips to save money on hot tub operations:

  • Whether you use bromine or chlorine to clean the water, you need to test the chemical levels. Purchase a water test kit from us and test the water between service visits.
  • If your hot tub has an “economy” mode setting, use that when you’re not going to use it for an extended period of time. Keep the temperature lower to lower your electric consumption and lbills. Lowering the temperature by even one or two degrees can lead to a substantial savings and chances are those who use the hot tub won’t even notice.
  • A quality cover for the hot tub is a necessity for keeping the water clean. It will also trap the heated water which cuts down on the energy costs to keep it heated.
  • The impulse might be to save money on pool and spa operating supplies by purchasing lower priced chemicals but that can cost you more over the long term. Bargain chemicals – which are never used by experienced service professionals – can damage the hot tub and harm to your family’s skin and eyes.

Diligent care of your hot tub and its water is necessary to assure that you and your family can safely soak. If you dont want to take on the task of hot tub maintenance, give us a call and we can come out and give you an estimate for service.