Hiel Pool Service contractors explain how to vacuum a pool for those times when a pool owner wants to take on the task him- or herself or between service visits. When you own a swimming pool, even when you work with a swimming pool service contractor in Rancho Bernardo, CA you may need to step in between pool service visits and vacuum, skim, test the water chemical balances or clean the skimmer basket.

How to vacuum a pool

The proper maintenance of a swimming pool requires that the pool be vacuumed. Before vacuuming, your swimming pool service contractor will brush the pool walls, floor and behind any ladders or pool accessories to remove any potential for algae growth taking hold. Swimming pool owners can opt for an automatic vacuum system or a robotic type device that will operate on its own to vacuum the pool (note: this doesn’t relieve you of the task of brushing the pool walls and floor!)

If you don’t have an automatic vacuum system you will need to manually vacuum the swimming pool and here is how that task is achieved

  • Attach the vacuum head and pole.
  • Attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum head
  • Lower the vacuum slowly to the bottom of the pool. Sink the vacuum hose, working from the part attached to the head toward the free end. This will remove air from the hose. If water runs out of the hose, this means you have done it correctly.
  • Remove the skimmer basket.
  • Connect the free end of the hose to the opening at the back of the skimmer
  • Turn the main control valve on the filter off and turn the control valve until you hear the pump kick in. Open it slightly and wait until you hear the pump running smoothly
  • Vacuum the pool using the same back and forth motion you would if you were vacuumng the carpet in your house. If there is a lot of debris on the bottom of the pool, vacuum slowly so you don’t stir up the debris.
  • Don’t lift the vacuum head off the bottom of the pool until you have re-opened any closed valves

Ask us for a lesson on vacuuming the pool if you’re new to pool ownership or if it’s been a while since you’ve vacuumed it. It’s an easy, if time-consuming task, but one that requires a bit of finesse to hook up the equipment.