Nothing can shut down a swimming pool party faster than a plague of mosquites, bees or other biting bugs. In many areas of the country, mosquitoes run rampant and sting and make your guests itch and want to get out of the pool and into the house. In addition to being a nuisance, mosquitoes can carry life-threatening diseases including Zika and West Nile.

Mosquitoes love water, heat, humidity and humans. When you’re in a swimming pool you are offering a mosquito exactly what they’re craving. They are also drawn to stagnant water and will lay eggs. If you have any standing water in your yard or poolside, it’s bst to get rid of that so they don’t lure more mosquitoes to your yard.

Keep mosquitoes from spoiling your swimming pool fun

Mosquitoes spend most of their life cycles in water an dif you eliminate sources of standing water you can protect yourself and your yard from an infestation.

Keep your pool covered when not in use. If the pool is covered, mosquitoes won’t be drawn to it. Although in a swimming pool, the water is rarely still and therefore isn’t usually a draw for the insects. Covering the pool will also help trapped heated water, keep debris from the water and could save you money and energy.

Keep up with yardwork. If you mow the yard and clean up the cuttings you are helping cut down on the potential for mosquitoes. Rake up any soggy leaves and clear out any pieces of trash or rotten wood. Clear up under the deck and make sure there is no organic debris under there in which a mosquito could find a home.

 Keep the pool water chemistry balanced. When the water is balanced and the pump is running as frequently as recommended, it won’t be a place that will be hospitable to mosquito growth.

Consider having the yard sprayed. If you have pets or children in the house, work with a professional who can spray with pet and child friendly insecticides.

Use citronella candles and torches. Citronella is said to keep mosquitoes away. Burn candles in your outdoor living space, around the pool and other outdoor spaces.

Make your yard welcoming to mosquito predators. Dragonflies, bats and mosquito fish will help keep the critters away. You can attract dragonflies by having a pond that features tall plants and reeds — beware, though if it is standing water you are also opening the door to mosquitoes. A mosquito fish is a natural mosquito predator and they can be added to your pond or garden water fountain. Bats eat primarly insects and this means they are a natural predator for mosquitoes. Be aware, though that bats can carry and transmit dangerous diseases so it is a tough call on whether you want to make your yard welcoming to them.

Ask us for other ways in which you can make your yard and your pool water an inhospitable place for biting and stinging insects.