The swimming pool service contractors from Hiel Pool Services in Rancho Bernardo, CA share tips with pool owners on how to keep your children safe in the swimming pool. When you become a swimming pool owner, pool safety needs to be front of mind at all times and you should be researching pool safety tips and devices before your pool construction project is finished.

Whether you own a pool or spa or are in the process of having one constructed, talk with your pool contractor to understand all the pool safety devies available to you to amp up the safety of the pool for everyone who uses it.

Keep your children safe in the swimming pool

  • Install a motion-activated web camera that can monitor the pool area when you aren’t in attendance. This should only be used to alert you that the pool is being used and you weren’t aware that anyone should be in it. Don’t rely on a camera to keep your children safe. Never leave children alone in the pool area.
  • Have a safety fence put around the pool, ttat ensures kids and pets don’t stray and fall into water. In many areas of the country a pool safety fence is required by law — your pool contractor will know the rules and regulations and assure your pool fence meets those requirements.
  • Use a pool safety cover. A cover keeps the pool water clean and helps keep children from falling into the water.
  • Keep children away from the pool. Never leave them alone.
  • Get a telephone installed near the pool for emergencies. If you’re going to rely on your smartphone for emergencies, make certain you aren’t on the phone when you’re supposed to be watching children in the pool — distractions can lead to drowning.
  • Learn CPR and keep rescue equipment at arms length.
  • Never swim alone — this advice is something that pertains to adults as well as children.
  • Teach your children to swim. YMCA, your local cities and municipalities all have lessons

Ask us for tips and advice on pool safety and for ways to make it the safest room in the house.