Service Terms And Conditions

HIEL POOL SERVICES has the goal of properly and safely maintaining the function of your pool/spa at all times in a professional manner.

HIEL POOL SERVICES  Service Agreement:   

Client meanshome owner, tenant, property manager, or agent

HPS meansHiel Pool Services

What Hiel Pool Service is responsible for:

Weekly or Bi-weekly Swimming Pool And/ Or Spa Service:

All tasks to be performed at HPS service technician’s discretion and/ or as needed, requested or contracted.

At each service visit:  Test and adjust the water chemistry (Chlorine, and pH)(Alkalinity check and adjust is once monthly), net the water’s surface, empty skimmer and strainer baskets, visually check the filter for proper filter pressure, visually inspect the pool equipment for leaks and proper function, secure the pool yard and or safety fence when exiting the property.

As needed at each service visit:  adjust clock timers, variable speed pump programming, automation, brush the steps, seats, walls, tile, empty pool vacuum strainer baskets, and vacuum the pool and/ or spa bottom.

Automatic Pool VacuumsA functioning pool vacuum is required for all residential pools.  The client can buy one from us, rent one from us, or buy one on their own (Please ask for guidance here).

Portable Spa Service:

Each week HPS service technician will check water chemistry and adjust, empty skimmer baskets if needed, and check the equipment for proper function.  Note: Portable spas will need to be drained and refilled periodically. 4 times per year is a normal interval.

Water Chemistry Perimeters And Our Responsibilities:

HPS test, and balance the water chemistry (chlorine, and pH)(Alkalinity check and adjust is once monthly) to the swimming pool standards of APSP or IPSSA  These are the perimeters we test for and adjust as need at each of our service visits.  Our water chemistry is valid for the day of the service only.  Your water chemistry will change after our service visit.  HPS is not responsible for issues or damage to your surface, deck, tile or equipment caused from water chemistry imbalance on the days of non-service.

Some services provided for an additional fee include:

Anything not described in any of the services above including, but not limited to: filter breakdown and cleans, drain and refills, any repairs, upgrades, parts replacement, calcium removal, diagnostics, equipment repairs, installations, pool cover replacement, leak detections, lowering of the pool water with a submerse pump or hose, and any construction requests will be completed for an additional fee.  One FREE Service call by HPS per year is allowed.


  • Periodically, the client will be notified in advance of additional needed services by e-mail or letter.
  • Each notice will explain what will be performed during the service, and the fee of the service.
  • Each service, and the fee will automatically appear on the client’s invoice after performance.
  • Some service intervals will vary from that presented here depending on the  pool or spa needs or usage.

Filter Break Down and Clean:  Serviced at least once, but typically several times per year during the spring, summer, and or fall.  Filter parts are extra, and will be replaced as needed.  This policy exists due to the filter being a vital part of the function of the pool/ spa, and thus cannot function without these parts working properly.

 Annual Water Chemistry Check-up:  HPS test, record, and analyze your swimming pool water chemistry in the beginning of the year for particular water chemical parameters such as: Chlorine stabilizer or Conditioner levels (the chemical that holds chlorine in the water), Total Dissolved Solids or TDS (to test the current level of partials, and age, of the water), Phosphate levels (1/2 the food source for algae), Calcium hardness, and salt levels.

 Other chemical Services Salt addition, phosphate remover, calcium addition, and chorine stabilizer.  These chemicals are needed to keep your pool water problem free.  These chemicals are periodically added to the water.  This only a partial list.

Salt Chlorine Generator Cells:  Must be cleaned periodically according to the manufacturer instructions.  Usually performed when the pool filter is services.  Salt flakes are a byproduct of having a salt chlorine generator caused by the reverse in polarity the cell performs periodically.  Salt flakes commonly are deposited on the surface of the attached spa, and in areas where the return lines exist in the pool.  HPS is not responsible for the salt flakes in the any vessel or  if they attach to the surface.

 Algaecide Service:  To prevent algae from forming in the pool and or spa, we provide a algaecide service starting in the late spring and lasting until the beginning of fall.  The service guarantees an algae free pool for 6 months.  Certain conditions apply.

 Partial Pool Drain:  During and after heavy rain fall, your swimming pool will fill up and potentially overflow with water.  We prove a partial drain service to lower the water level of the pool water back down to the middle of the tile.  This for an additional fee.

 Complete Pool Draining:  During our Annual Water Chemistry Check-up service the TDS test tells us, in part, if the water needs to be drained and refilled entirely. Clinet will be notified, and HPS will seek your approval before we drain the pool. 


HPS has the goal of properly and safely maintaining the function of your pool/spa at all times and in a professional manner.

  • The monthly service fee is based on weekly or bi-weekly service visits for pools, attached spas or portable  spa service.  For our weekly and portable spa service clients: HPS works on 48 weeks of service out of  a 52 week year, which means most months have 4 scheduled service visits, however some months  have 5 scheduled service visits.  To compensate for this difference, there will be no service provided 4  separate weeks during the fall, winter, and spring monthsFor our Bi-weekly clients:  the schedule will be serviced around these weeks off.  The client will get an E-mail or letter explaining the service schedule in the beginning of November and reminder again in January.  Please continue to pay your   monthly service fee as usual each month, year round.
  • Service can be discontinued by either the client, or by HPS at any time or for any reason.  Written  communication must be provided by either: regular mail, or E-mail.  Notice prior to the weekly service visit is required to properly stop the service.  All invoices are payable immediately upon termination.
  • Extreme Weather.  On extreme weather days [hot (95 degrees), rainy, or cold (Below 60 degrees)] only a chemical service and netting of the pool surface will be performed. (Spa service will be performed as normal.)  The normal service maybe skipped until the next business day depending on the severity of  the weather.
  • Extremely windy or dirty pool days.  When the pool is unusually dirty and/ or full of (debris, leaves, trash, dirt, branches, etc.) on the day of service, HPS will do all we can to service the pool during that scheduled visit.  If you request that the pool be completely cleaned up that week, an additional service  charge will apply.
  • Salt flakes are a byproduct of having a salt chlorine generator caused by the reverse in polarity the cell performs periodically.  Salt flakes commonly are deposited on the surface of the attached spa, and in   areas where the return lines exist in the pool.  HPS is not responsible for the salt flakes in the any vessel or  if they attach to the surface.
  • If your scheduled service visit falls on a major holiday, the pool or spa will be services on the next business day.
  • If you should have any questions or concerns about your pool or the service you are receiving, please contact the HPS office directly, or the operations manager, and not the pool technician.
  • The circulation (pump and filter) and electrical system must be in proper running condition in order for us to properly service your pool and or spa.
  • Client’s pool and or spa will be tracked for the dates of any service visits, what was performed, the test results  of the water for that day, and adjustments, and any part(s) that were installed
  • Pool Covers.  Electronic covers will be removed, the pool service, and then replaced.  Electronic covers that   have water on top of them will be only removed partially for water test and chemistry adjustment. With cover reels, the cover will be removed by, and left off.  The client will need to replace the cover.

 All others need to be removed by the client by the time of service.  Please allow several hours before replacing the cover back on the pool surface.  An additional fee will be assessed if the client wants the non-electrical cover “bubble” type removed, at each service visit.  HPS is not responsible for damage,  tears or the disintegration of the pool cover.

  • Service Call Fee:   A fee is charged for special requests or if any additional services are needed in addition to the regularly scheduled service visit.  HPS also charges when an unknown pool and or spa functional problem presents itself, and our labor, knowledge, and a solution are needed.  HPS will contact the client first about any functional problem before work or a solution is attempted.  This includes water filling or draining of any kind
  • Access to the pool/ spa must be clear of debris.  The gate leading to the pool must be in working order and      any lock or latch must work properly.  If access to the yard is inaccessible, then the service visit will be    skipped that week and/ or  an additional fee will be charged for the service of the pool/ spa at a later date.
  • Dogs are permitted in the yard on the day of service as long as they are tame.  All others need to be put away on the day of service.  If the yard is inaccessible due to a dog or any animal in the backyard we think is a problem or concern, then the service visit will be skipped that week and/ or an additional fee will be charged for the service of the pool/ spa at a later date.  It is the client’s responsibility to notify our office of the addition of any dog or animal in the backyard before the next service visit.
  • Salt damage due to splash out.  The use of chlorine (sodium chlorine) or having a “salt pool” typically results in damage to the coping form splash out of the water from the pool vessel.  This is a byproduct of having a pool with high salt levels.  HPS is not responsible for salt deposit on tile, coping or decks.
  • The level of the pool and spa water needs to be kept to the middle of the tile at all times.  This is the client’s   responsibility.
  • Tile and coping:  HPS are not responsible for any damage caused by brushing, handling, touching,  cleaning, removing or reinstalling any pre-existing tiles and or coping.
  • HPS is not responsible for: pre-existing and non-functioning underground plumbing, failure of pre-existing  mechanical and electrical systems, or the failure of pre-existing pool equipment.  HPS not responsible for newly developed or future developed structural cracks.
  • Calcium “Hardness” buildup on various parts of the pool is common due the high levels of calcium in our water supply. Not much can be done to assure the levels of calcium are kept in the proper range. Because we test, and balance the water chemistry for the proper ranges the day of service, HPS is not the cause, has no control over, and is not responsible for calcium buildup, nodules or scale formation on any part of the pool surface or deck.
  • For replacement of any part (s) (of absolute necessity), and the total amount is $50.00 or less, HPS will automatically replace the part(s).  This excludes filter parts, which will have no limit.  The price of the   part(s) will appear on your next month’s invoice.  Any parts totaling $50.00 or more, HPS will contact the client for approval.  HPS service technician will leave the replaced part in the pool equipment area for your inspection until payment.
  • Client authorizes, and give permission, to allow HPS to record pictures, and or video of the swimming pool, spa, landscape, and hard-scape.  These picture and/ or videos maybe used to inventory the service account, for social media, advertisement, marketing, purposes.  HPS will keep client’s identity anonymous and private.
  • Any safety hazards or unsafe conditions including but not limited to code violations and unlawful circumstances will need to be corrected immediately at the client’s expense.
  • HPS are order takers only.  No diagnostic, design or consulting services regarding your pool and/ or spa  will be performed unless in writing.  No structural, mechanical, electrical or soils engineering services are provided.  All agreed to performance must be in writing otherwise, it will not be honored.  HPS is not responsible (warranty or otherwise) for the results of another contractor, service company or person causing damage to our service or finished results or workmanship, currently or in the future. This warranty does not cover damage due to natural causes or acts of god.
  • HPS does not share pool service performance tasks with client.  However, ff client decides to service the pool and or spa in any way, they are fully responsible for all aspects, current or in the future, of the vessel including, but not limited to: water chemistry imbalance, equipment and structural damage, and any injury or death resulting from such actions.
  • Pool surfaces, coping, and decks: Cementaious surfaces, including pool plaster, has inherent characteristics  that are  seen as flaws or damage, but are considered normal occurrences by the pool standards.  These characteristics include, but are not limited to:  mottling, streaks, crazing, cracking, blotchiness,  uneven color and surface, spot etching, and smoothness or roughness of the surface.  HPS is not    responsible for any of the above mentioned characteristics.  These characteristic are considered common to cement surfaces, and tend to develop, and change over time.

 What the client is responsible for:


  • Regular weekly service, scheduled services, and minor repairs invoices.  All invoices will be sent at the beginning of each month (usually the 1st) for regular service for that month, and for any parts, services, or minor repairs performed in the previous month.  Your payment is due on, and must be received by the (15th) of that month.
  • All “Other Services” Invoice.  Once the swimming pool or spa is diagnosed, repairs made, fixtures installed, construction task performed, and or additional services rendered, full payment is due, and must be paid upon completion of the service.  Sending of repair invoices to the client for payment to be made at a later date is at HPS’s discretion.
  • A late fee or disruption of service may apply to client’s account if your payment is late.
  • Service will be placed on pause if payment is not received by the last day of the month.
  • Please mail all payments directly to HPS’s company’s address.  We can provide client with pre-addressed envelopes for their convenience.

 Water Level:

 The level of the pool and spa water needs to be kept to the middle of the tile at all times.  This is the client’s responsibility.

 Special Requests: 

 HPS is happy to provide a modified, or special service for our clients that give us notice.

 Any extra or special requests for service visits, meaning a one-time service for:  clean-ups, pre-“pool party” or moving of the service day can be accommodated.  Please give a one week notice prior to     your special event date.  These special events or one-time service will require an additional service fee charge in addition to the normal monthly service fee.

Disputes arising out of this agreement:

The client agrees to have any disputes arising out of the terms of this service agreement decided by neutral mediation first with a mediator of HPS choice, then collective chosen as provided by California law.  Any dispute which cannot be adjusted between the parties involved shall be submitted for litigation in San Diego Supreme court or by jury trial.  Client is giving up any right they might possess to have the dispute litigated in arbitration, any other court of law, in small claims court or class action lawsuit.  All dispute costs and related fees will be paid by the initiating party in advance of the resolution.  In the event of a dispute over any of the terms of this agreement, the work product or any and all activity undertaken by HPS, client agrees that the limitation of damages shall be the amount paid to HPS for their work under the terms of this agreement.  Client waives any claim to actual or exemplary damages over and above the amounts paid to HPS.  This provision is deemed material and integrated into this agreement in full. Client agrees that this mediation, litigation provision, and limitations of damages clause are all voluntary.

 Authorized to Perform Services/ work:

By paying your invoice each month, the client fully authorizes HPS to perform the work as specified and agreed upon, as outlined in this agreement.  Client agrees to make prompt payments as outlined above.

Swimming pool and/ or spa pre-existing structural problems, newly developed cracks, or any future damage:  HPS is not to be held responsible for: pre-existing non-functioning underground plumbing, pre-existing mechanical and electrical systems, or the failure of pre-existing pool equipment.  HPS is not responsible for newly developed or future developed structural cracks.  Refilling of the pool and/ or spa water and assuring the pool or spa doesn’t not overfill is the sole responsibility of the client to be sure the refilling is performed in the manner specified by HPS.

Unpaid monthly payments will delay service progress, and void all warranties in this contract.  Any such delays that causes damage are the sole responsibility of the client.

Acceptance of Contract:  HPS is authorized, after approval by management, to do the services, and or work specified, and payment will be made as stated above.  All agreements are in writing herein and any other agreements, written or oral, are not enforceable or authorized.  If payment is not received as agreed to in this contract, all warranties are void and a late fee will apply.  I have read and understand that the above services, specifications, conditions, warnings, warranties, and attached agreements are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. I read and understand English.   HIEL POOL SERVICES is authorized to perform the services as specified or agreed to.  Client agrees to make prompt payments as outlined above.  Note:  Work progress will stop immediately if  monthly payments are not made as agreed above, and HIEL POOL SERVICES is not responsible for any pool and / or spa damage resulting from waiting for such payment to be made.

  • We are a full services swimming pool company, providing weekly service, repairs & upgrades, and remodeling
  • We use web based confirmation for our service visit
  • We are proactive when pool issues arise
  • We use quick-response customer service
  • We offer professional diagnosis & analysis
  • We offer additional critical pool services others often neglect
  • We are Water Chemistry certified
  • We are Certified Pool Operators
  • We are manufacturer equipment trained installers
  • Licensed Active Contractor
  • Liability, automobile, and workers’ compensation insured
  • 15 + years in the pool industry
Thank you for your business!