In the past, swimming pool maintenance could take hours and hours of a pool owners’ time. He would spend most of his free time cleaning the pool instead of swimming in the pool while the family sat impatiently poolside to use it. The swimming pool contractors from Hiel Pool Service in Rancho Bernardo, CA understand ways to use technology to keep your pool clean between pool service contractor visits.

Pool technology for cleaning have moved ahead by leaps and bounds, but there is still a need for hands on maintenance and cleaning in order to keep the pool thoroughly cleaned and maintained. That being said, pool maintenance has never been truly easy nor truly quick and that’s the reason many pool owners work with a pool service contractor — the owner wants to spend his valuable free time swimming, not cleaning. A pool owner also doesn’t want to have to store potentially toxic chemicals at his home.

Thankfully, today’s technology allows for automation to keep the pool cleaner between service visits and to help free your time for swimming.

Use technology to keep your pool clean

Here are some pool cleaning automation devices you may want to consider:

  1. A pressure cleaner. This uses the pressure of the water itself to clean and trap debris from the pool water.
  2. A suction cleaner uses the pool skimmer to work wtih the pool pump and filter to keep the water clean.
  3. An electric cleaner is a self contained system that works as a robotic vacuum to clean the pool water without too much human intervention.
  4. Remote control pool operation exists and allows the pool owner to open the close the pool cover, turn on the pool heater, run the pool pump and automatically turn the pool pump off. With automation and remote controls you can also turn on the pool lighting and run the hot tub jets and heat.  Many of these remote control operations are operated with apps on your smart phone.

Are you looking at a new pool construction project or a renovation project and want to incorporate pool cleaning automation technologies? Ask us for advice on these new technologies and how they can help your pool maintenance tasks be easier between service visits.