Rancho Bernardo, California swimming pool service contractors will tell you when your swimming pool liner has to be replaced and they will undertake the task on your behalf. A pool liner replacement is not a task that a pool owner typically takes on on his own. Your pool contractor will let you know when, and if, the liner needs replacement; it could be because of damage to it or because you want a new liner as part of a swimming pool remodel project.

The vinyl liner of your swimming pool performs double duty: they’re aesthetically pleasing and hold the pool water!  Liners are constructed of flexible vinyl liners, traditional tile and cement and by using cement, sealants and tiles. Pool liners are subject to rips, tears and fading and while they can be patched, they eventually need replacement.

Your swimming pool liner has to be replaced

Here are two basic types of liners:

  1. An “overlap” liner is economical and improves the aesthetics of an inexpensive above ground swimming pool.
  2. Beaded liners have securing mechanisms and decorative finishes that are superior and more attractive than an overlap liner. Beaded liners are more expensive than an overlap liner but are considered top-of-the-line.

Replacing the swimming pool liner can be a game changer in the look of your pool and could be a less expensive way to upgrade and update the family pool. A swimming pool liner replacement can be and quickly performed by a pool professional. Make sure when you budget for the pool liner replacement that you also budget for the re-filling of the pool.

What is involved in a pool liner replacement? Swimming pool service contractors at Hiel Pools explain:

  • The old liner will be removed, cut up and hauled away.
  • The pool base will be washed to remove debris
  • A cement scraper may be needed to remove pool cement. A smooth surface is necessary when installing the new liner
  • The new vinyl liner will be placed and be adjusted and stretched to fit the surface of the pool
  • All panels and joints will be secured
  • Water will be added while your pool contractor assures there are no ripples in the liner.

Do you want to upgrade your swimming pool with a new liner? Give us a call and get on the schedule for a pool liner replacement.